Smart Infrared Heaters

  • Efficient
  • Eco
  • Easy to install
  • Designer
  • Mirror finish
  • Wall or ceiling mounted
  • Almost instant heat
  • Zero maintenance
  • Condensation free
  • Better for allergy sufferers

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Infrared Heaters – Choose from 4 Funky styles

NEW LOWER PRICES – from under £200 inclusive of VAT, thermostats and delivery! All our prices include a wireless thermostat set per heater, delivery and VAT!

Hybrid Black White


The benefit infrared and naturally convected heat in black / white or designer image

Mist Free Infrared Mirror


Heated mirrors for the bathroom or light up other rooms

Infrared Radiator with TouchScreen Controls


Stylish efficient infrared heaters with integrated touchscreen controls.

Hybrid Infrared Heater


Design your own heater with your favourite picture, whatever you choose.


What is Infrared Heating?

Infrared heating is one of the most efficient heating systems available. It keeps you nice and warm in exactly the same way the sun works and it doesn’t waste energy and money by heating empty space. What size of heater is the right one for you? If you have a well insulated space, simply work out the volume (width x length x height) in metres, then mutliply this figure by 25. This will give you the number of watts required to heat the space. If the space you want to heat is not well insulated or you are unsure, please give us a call.

Let us tell you some more about infrared heating…

Office mirrors soap - Copy

Funky Radiators – Beautiful Glass Rads for Wet Systems

Black Eco Friendly Radiator


Made from recycled materials (all wet system styles)

White Eco Friendly Radiator


Beautiful, easy clean, frameless design

Blue Eco Friendly Radiator


Sensor controlled for perfectly distributed warmth

Red Eco Friendly Radiator


Low surface temperature settings (43C)

Beautifully designed, sensor controlled and adaptable for all wet heating systems, our patented glass radiators are 100% environmentally friendly, made entirely from recycled materials – and ideal as a direct replacement of an existing panel radiator.

Powered by an aluminium heat exchanger, the low water content allows it to adapt quickly to changes in temperature. This substantially reduces heating and cooling times making it efficient, economical to run and an ideal option when used with renewable energy systems such as Ground Source Heat pumps. Corrosion- resistant, they are safety tested at 10 bar pressure – the water pressure in your home will normally be well under 5 bar.