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FlexIR Infrared Heating Mat – Integrated, hidden FAR IR heating

Say goodbye to visible heating. Say hello to integrated flexibility.

Meet the future of infrared heating. A future that you can install yourself in wall, ceiling or floor. Flexible, invisible, silent infrared heating providing you with exceptional comfort efficiently. FlexIR infrared heating mat is a surface heating product uniquely optimised for installation in walls and ceilings and for use underfloors.

In common with all FAR infrared heating systems the room and all the objects in the room are heated equally. Our comprehensive testing produced surface temperatures of 22 – 24ºC combined with an air temperature of 22ºC. In short, perfect.

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Surface mounted infrared heating

FlexIR FAR infrared heating mat is flexible and easily installed. What’s more after you’ve installed it, you can even install lighting, shelves etc. through the material without impacting on performance.

  • Underfloor
  • In Walls
  • In Ceilings

Constructed compressed fibre composite material is heated using 12 V to 36 V (AC or DC) supplying a Low Surface Temperature radiant heating system.  FlexIR matting is flexible, washable, corrosion-resistant, low mass, incredibly lightweight (83 g per m²) extremely thin (0.4mm) and environmentally friendly.


FlexIR infrared heating mat benefits include:

  • Low Surface Temperature
  • Highly Efficient – Low running costs
  • Anti Ligature (fully concealed installation)
  • Easy installation
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Fast Heat-Up Phase & Uniform Heating of Space
  • Minimal movement of dust and allergens
  • Invisible Heating
  • Suitable for use under real wood flooring
  • Permanently dry surfaces
  • Low investment


FlexIR is a low voltage product which means that you can install yourself (the transformer needs to be plugged in or hardwired which will require an electrician if no suitable outlet is available). Available as a 24V kit FlexIR infrared heating mat is simply installed:

  1. Insulation backing board
  2. FlexIR infrared heating mat – this can be applied directly using the tile adhesive you apply to fix the tiles for example, it can be plastered into the ceiling etc.
  3. Moisture barrier if fixed as underfloor heating (not required for wall or ceiling)
  4. Final surface.


How does FlexIR save money?

Power is the rate at which energy is generated or consumed and hence is measured in units (e.g. Watts) that represent energy per unit time.  FlexIR mat is a 24V system that for most installations requires between 50 – 60Watts per meter (W/m2) of floor area to be heated.  By comparison, traditional 240V electric underfloor heating requires between 130 – 150W/m2.  What does this mean?  For any installation where room construction, flooring and all other insulation and heat loss factors are the same, FlexIR system must consume more than 55% less power than a traditional electric underfloor heating system to deliver the same effect.

FlexIR infrared film generates comfortable heat – quickly and efficiently. The heating quality and cost effectiveness is far better than any of the conventional heating systems in use today. Simple to apply and virtually invisible after installation.

Additional benefits:

  • Solar like Heating – delivers the highest quality radiant heat
  • Energy Efficient – converts electricity to heat with almost zero loss
  • Renewable Energy Ready – is fully compatible with and complements solar panel installation
  • Beneficial to your Home – banishes humidity, damp and mould
  • Space Saving – no need for radiators, pipes, storage heaters and boilers 

What size infrared heater do you need?

x x
Is the property insulated? Yes No
Does the property have modern double glazing? Yes No

With any type of heating it is essential to have the correct size of heater for the space that you want to heat. It’s important therefore to ensure that your room heating calculations are appropriate and accurate.

So if you’re considering installing infrared heating, how do you select the correct size of infrared heater to heat your home? Firstly the calculations for heat requirements for convection and infrared are very different. What’s the reason for the difference? It’s the action of infrared heating and the fact that infrared heat is less prone to heat loss due to draughts and leaky buildings.

220 W/m² – Providing a surface temperature of between 25ºC and 30ºC heat distribution is comfortable and can be focussed where required in larger spaces. Perfect for use on walls in hospitals, nurseries, schools, hospitals and care homes.

Temperatures will be even and comfortable throughout the space.

Installation kits available

400W – suitable for most bathrooms

800W – suitable for most bedrooms

1200W – suitable for larger rooms

You can use more than 1 kit where required.

Domestic / Commercial

  • Walls, ceilings, floors wherever you need to heat. As a whole heating solution or in specific rooms such as loft conversion, bathroom, conservatory etc.
  • Nursing homes, student accommodation, office spaces etc.


  • Cabins, boats, leisure vehicles etc.

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