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Touchscreen Infrared Heaters

Manufactured in Northern Italy (between the stunning city of Venice and the breathtaking Italian alps) Funkyheat infrared heaters were born out of a desire to combine exceptional aesthetics and design with an economical way to heat space. Our infrared heaters were conceived and created from a significant experience in both heating and interior design and combine the best existing technologies with modern design trends. Our stunning infrared heaters are constructed by hand using only the highest quality components, such as premium quality Venetian glass.

The design aesthetic of our infrared heaters began with a careful study of shapes and their visual-emotional impact on us. Our heaters have been developed with a clean design, minimal thickness and together with a range of shapes and finishes mean that they are adaptable to any environment and style, from classic to cutting edge interior design.

Choose your Venetian Glass Touchscreen Infrared Heater

  • Capri touchscreen infrared panel heater


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  • portofino touchscreen infrared panel heater


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  • Roma


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  • Venice Wood - Venice Wood, 700W

    Venice Wood

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  • Venice designer glass radiator


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  • Bathroom Heater Mirror

    Amalfi Bathroom Radiator Mirror

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We consider the environment we live in of the highest importance and this approach influences our manufacturing process with the environmental impact of our high quality infrared heating considered carefully for each stage of the life-cycle.

All the components used in the manufacture of our infrared heaters have been carefully selected for the ability to recycle and their eco-compatibility.

Thanks to the application of innovative technologies our heaters feature both high technical and aesthetic resistance properties, thus ensuring a long product life, which is fully recyclable at the end of life.

We use tempered and coloured Venetian glass, we don’t back paint and our coloured glass is fully bonded meaning it will never flake or dis-colour. The superior quality of Venetian glass is world-renowned and this is reflected in the quality of our infrared heaters. In fact our heaters qualify for the highest safety glass certification.

Touchscreen Infrared Heaters

The heating elements we use are manufactured specifically for us by a company also manufacturing heating elements for NASA and the space industry.

Our hand built construction process maintains premium level quality and our manufacturing process and product design ensures minimal hidden surfaces allowing for ease of cleaning and the possibility for our heater to be installed in locations requiring high degrees of hygiene such as hospitals. All of heaters are manufactured by hand with the highest quality components. We do not mass produce and whilst we appreciate this means you need to wait a little bit longer to get a heater, we know that it’s worth the wait.

Winner! Designer Kitchens & Bathrooms Award

This attention to detail brings components of the highest quality together into a superbly manufactured and designed product, which will keep you warm for years to come. Our design and manufacturing approach has been recognised by the designer kitchen and bathroom industry and we’re proud to have won the GOLD award from Designer Kitchen and Bathrooms for Innovation in Sustainability. The Designer Kitchen & Bathroom Awards is an established and high profile event with an experienced judging panel. They acknowledge the best in design and manufacturing.

Hotel & Spa Awards 2018: Excellence Award for Innovation & Efficiency in Bathroom Heating

Family Safe Infrared Heaters

We have designed our infrared heaters to respond efficiently and quickly to temperature change and have integrated thoughtful design features such as the ability to limit (and lock) surface temperature if desired. Other incorporated and advanced energy saving features (in addition to the heating technology itself) include daily and weekly programming, an ‘open window’ sensor which senses a sudden temperature drop and then actively senses the environment waiting for the temperature to stabilise before attempting to heat again.

In considering the future requirements for our infrared heaters we have ensured that our heaters are optimised to work with photovoltaic and other renewable energy systems.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Beautiful, easy clean, frameless design infrared heater
  • Manufactured in finest quality Venetian glass
  • Wide range of colours, shapes and sizes available as standard
  • Bespoke design and colour finishes to suit your taste
  • Easy to install, efficient to run and 100% recyclable
  • Horizontal or vertical mounting
  • Delivers fast comfortable radiant heat
  • Sensor controlled for perfectly distributed warmth
  • Low energy consumption
  • High output (up to 90C).
  • Built in antifreeze function
  • Shatterproof – 10mm laminated toughened safety glass (UN12600-IBI)
  • 5 Year Warranty (2 on electrical components)
  • suitable for wet rooms (the mirror heater will give you a mist free bathroom mirror)

Quality & Manufacturing

We manufacture our glass infrared heaters with isolation class 2 and IP45 construction which makes them water-resistant and perfect for wet rooms and bathrooms – and the triple safety element means that there’s no chance of overheating. Each heater has a 5 year warranty and is manufactured to the following standards in the EU:

  • 2004/108/EC on electromagnetic compatibility
  • 2006/95/EC on low voltage
  • 2002/95/EC on the restrictions of the use of certain hazardous substances
  • CE Certified
  • IP45 rating
  • EN / IEC 60335-1 Safety of Electrical Appliances

Easy to install, slim-line design and supplied ready for either horizontal or vertical mounting, our stylish touch screen controlled infrared heaters are available in a range of colours, shapes and sizes. We also offer a tailor-made service where you can personalise the radiator with a choice of image or RAL colour.

What is a quality infrared heater?


Touchscreen Infrared Heaters

Touchscreen Infrared Heaters
Touchscreen Infrared Heaters
Touchscreen Infrared Heaters
Touchscreen Infrared Heaters