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Eco Infrared heaters
Eco Infrared heaters
Eco Infrared heaters
Eco Infrared heaters

Eco Aluminium Infrared Panel Heaters

Pressed in epoxy resin, our aluminium infrared panel heater range combines high efficiency with our connection system and patented reflector technology (100% of produced infrared rays go to the front). This ensures that only a very small percentage of convection heat (only about 7%) is produced, meaning maximum infrared heating benefits.

The anodised aluminium frame provides the aluminium plate commercial panels with additional stability and security. Every aluminium infrared panel heater is provided with an installation template, which allows easy vertical or horizontal application. Each infrared heater is equipped with five built-in security sensors to protect the panel from overheating. The structure of the panel (the panel is both forward and backward protected by aluminium plates) guarantees 100 % PE protection.

A selection of wattages are available and we have a handy calculator which will indicate the best size of infrared heater for the space you wish to heat. If you are heating a large commercial space please speak to us first to confirm the best option.

All mounting parts are included. Controls excluded.

Austrian manufactured, CE-compliant and both TUV GS and RoHS certified. These heaters are IP44 rated making them suitable for zone 2 in bathrooms and wet-rooms.

2 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Power Dimensions Weight
300W 300mm x 900mm 3.0kg
350W 600mm x 600mm 3.5kg
400W 600mm x 600mm 3.5kg
500W 900mm x 600mm 5.5kg
600W 900mm x 600mm 5.5kg
700W 1200mm x 600mm 7.5kg
800W 1200mm x 600mm 7.5kg

Delivery is included and a lead time of 10 days is typical, from order to delivery.

From: £195.00

From: £195.00
2. Select a Wattage 300W 350W 400W 500W 600W 700W Heating area up to 28m┬│ 800W Choose a power outage to suit your heating requirement.
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