3 Vital Home Updates Before The Holiday Season

vital home updates

As one of the most wonderfully chaotic times of the year, it’s always best to start preparations for the holidays in the home early. Investing a little more time in your home in the run up to the holiday season is a great way to make it feel that bit more special, allowing you to enjoy the build up to the main event.

That’s why today, we’re offering our favourite vital home updates to ensure that you’re prepared for the festivities. From insulation options that will ensure that you’ll stay toasty in the coming cold weather to creating a versatile interior that will accommodate inevitable guests, with our tips, your home will be ready every eventuality associated with the holiday season.


vital home updates


Prepare for cold weather

The first of our vital home updates. The holiday season means cold weather is certainly fast approaching. So, it’s time to cosy up so that you’re prepared for cold winter nights in front of the fire. While throws and cushions are great ways to stop a cold chill, it may be more efficient to undertake larger home updates to ensure that you stay warm this winter.

A great place to start is to seal gaps and add insulation, as nothing is more uncomfortable during winter than a chilly draught which you can still feel under your blankets. If you’re unsure on where the draught is coming from, consider undertaking or employing an expert to undertake a home energy audit. They may recommend adding more insulation if it doesn’t meet standard requirements – this is usually between 100mm and 170mm, as heat rises, this could be a very efficient investment to make in your home.

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If any of your major home appliances are looking a bit worse for wear, the lead up to the holidays is a great time to seek their repair, as it’s likely they’ll be used much more during the winter months. If your heating system isn’t working efficiently, it may be time to consider smart infrared heating, which will not only save you money, but will provide the same comfort levels as convection heat. Bear this in mind for washer/dryers and lighting, which are also likely to see a lot more usage during the winter months.


Treat and cater for your guests

Hosting any holiday event means that you’ll need to be organised in advance. Whether you’re preparing for an evening of drinks and conversation, or are preparing a lunch for your family, making some essential home updates could make your event a little more special.

One of the best ways of making a seasonal change is updating decorations and accessories. Wallpaper is an effective way to make an impactful change in your home, from brick effect designs to the influence of mountain backgrounds, there are plenty of designs on the market that can make your interior a little more apt. Alternatively, giving a room a fresh lick of paint can make a refreshing change to the space. Combine this with contemporary shaped lighting and heavy fabrics for a bold winter aesthetic which will appeal to your guests.

Whether you’re hosting a dinner party or a get-together with friends, if you’ve taken on the role as host, ensuring that your home furnishings are versatile enough for all manner of occasions is key. So that your space can transition between coffee on the sofa and dinner gatherings, opt for a practical occasional table which can be easily stored away to create extra space.

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With the holiday season often comes the issue of needing extra living room seating for any extra guests. If squeezing in another sofa isn’t practical or feasible, why not bring in a cushioned bench that could be used as a coffee table when guests arrive? Alternatively, opt for something flexible which can be stored away. From floor cushions to a vintage barrel which would complement any industrial interior design, with a little creative thinking, avoiding the inevitable seating issue is possible in any home.


Give the exterior a refresh

Given the changes in weather that we experience during the autumn months, there’s likely to be an opportunity on a warm day to try out your hand with some external paint. A fresh coat of paint or a quick touch-up could have more of an impact on how your home looks than you may have initially thought.

To prepare for the winter chill, some sealer on any surface that may experience snowfall later in the season is a great way to protect your home. On the same note, the winter cold could aggravate a roof leak, which will only worsen with bad weather. Small cracks and gaps in driveways and walkways can expand during the freezing temperatures of winter – so fixing these early could save extensive costs in the long run.


vital home updates


The lead up to the holiday season is the perfect time to complete home improvement projects. With our tips, we hope that you’ll be on your way to preparing your home for the winter months so that you can focus on your exciting holiday activities without worrying about what the weather has in store.

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Angus Ponsford is the Director at Ponsford Ltd, an independent, family-run furniture retailer that boasts a huge selection to suit every style and budget.

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