4 Ways Your Front Office Can Make an Impression

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Modern businesses invest in various aspects of their brand presence in order to achieve image consistency, recognition, but also to impress all those that come into contact with their company. All in the aim to preserve and grow their reputation, brands now need to think above and beyond just their logo and their business card design. Most companies, however, still cling to their digital presence as if to dear life itself, often neglecting how well their actual office look and feel reflects their core identity and purpose. 

It pays to invest in your front desk and reception when you want to impress and make yourself as memorable as possible. Sometimes, a little tech, digitalization, and colour coordination can go a long way in achieving precisely these and many other goals for your brand. So, let’s take a little break from building stellar websites and imaginative social media pages and move back into the real world and utilizing your front office to impress your visitors!


Brand your interior design

4 Ways Your Front Office Can Make an Impression

Some companies believe that you should “go big or go home” when it comes to their front office design solutions, but it’s actually quite the opposite. Filling your space with too many elements can make your visitors feel overwhelmed, and such an approach to design also suppresses your brand into the background. 

You should actually use your interior look to push your brand to the very centre of your visitors’ attention. Start by using your brand’s colour palette to depict a similar mood as on your website. Use as much natural light as possible, but in case you need reinforcements, go with LED bulbs that are will illuminate the space naturally. Adding some potted plants or even a water feature can add to the serenity of your front office and make your visitors feel welcome, pampered, and reduce any stress before job interviews and the like. 


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Use tech to streamline greeting visitors

At first glance, relying on tech too often can seem cold and distant, and that’s the exact opposite of what you want to achieve with your first impressions and your front office. However, when you find the right solution, you can reap the benefits of tech while you also make your visitors’ experience much more refined and comfortable.

For starters, you can implement a comprehensive visitor management system that lets you add NDA agreements if your visitors need to sign them electronically, print out visitor badges for a more personalized experience that grants them access to your facilities, and sends notifications of any visitors on the premises. You can also create surveys so that you can gather feedback and improve your operations based on what your visitors have to say. 


Create the perfect atmosphere

4 Ways Your Front Office Can Make an Impression

Combining the right tech and the right branded features is a great start for crafting that perfect front office look and feel. You needn’t stop there at all, since there are other creative ways to elevate the mood of your greeting area with the right amenities. 

For instance, adding a vending machine with healthy snacks or a coffee machine can make your visitors feel even more comfortable and taken care of during their brief wait. A seating area goes without saying, but you should choose something that goes well with your brand: if you’re youthful and casual, even beanbags are a go, while for a more innovative, edgy look, minimalist sofas are a great pick. 


Boost your team’s communication skills

Your front office will do a lot of the talking with its design and layout, but how your visitors are greeted will greatly impact their perception of your business and your brand. First impressions do matter, especially in such a professional setting, so educating your team to greet each visitor properly should actually be a part of your company culture and a great portion of your brand training. 

It will never be acceptable for your employees to just pass a visitor in a hallway, mumble something resembling a “hello” and walk away. Make sure that every employee under your roof, and not just your receptionist, is prepared to greet and introduce themselves, say something about the business if they’re asked a question, and show them where they can take a seat or enjoy a fresh cup of coffee. Such gestures coming from your marketing manager, your web developer, or your graphic designer will be equally appreciated, as your visitors will get a sense of a unified brand culture. 


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From your business etiquette all the way to the kinds of chairs you choose and the tech you use, all of these details should come together to create a unified image of your brand. Use them to impress your visitors and instantly form a bond with them so that they will feel eager to return and appreciate the extra mile you’re going to.

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