5 Tiny Yet Beautiful Room Ideas

Tiny yet beautiful room ideas 3

Small Spaces With Huge Character

A closet beneath a staircase can be perfect for a poker game, or for a reading room, or a gaming room. Also, they can be used for intended storage; but the truth is, what you do with your room space is only really limited by your imagination. Following we’ll briefly explore five ways you can make even the tightest space comfortable, aesthetically pleasing, or even more useful.


Mirrors, Pictures, Paintings, And More

Mirrors double light. Pictures break up sight lines. Paintings additionally do the same. Painting should be conducted every few years to keep the home fresh and beautiful When you can give the brain more to think about, that makes space feel less cloying. Mirrors expanding light make it so the corner of yours and visitors’ eyes feel as though there’s additional room on the left or right. Also, mirrors surrogate windows, psychologically.

A mile of coastline could have infinite shore, depending on how jagged it is. This is a mathematical paradox cartographers encounter. Coastlines are essentially fractals. Similarly, mirrors, pictures, paintings, and appropriate décor psychologically produce the same effect on small spaces. Since there’s more to think about, the space feels bigger.

5 Tiny Yet Beautiful Room Ideas

Partitioning Space

Partitioning space is doubling down on the psychological effect of breaking up sight lines. Say you’ve got a room that’s a hundred and fifty square feet—fifteen feet on a side. Put a partition in the middle and decorate both sides appropriately. Put mirrors on the partitions, and either side will feel like the “full” room while being totally separate. You could split an office and living room in half, and they’d both still feel full.


Conforming Furniture To Space

Furniture isn’t often designed for a space. However, today this is becoming more trendy through RTA, or Ready To Assemble furniture. You put in your parameters, place your order, and assemble the cabinets in your home. Click the link for more information on RTA cabinets for your kitchen.

5 Tiny Yet Beautiful Room Ideas

A Vertical Paradigm of Design

You can do what a bunk-bed does with a king-sized bed. A small stair to the side, make the closet a tight walk-in under the bed, turn the normal closet into an office, you just added a room to your house. Find ways of putting furniture together and room designs together which utilize empty space at the top of a room. Japanese interior designers are very skilled at this.


Interior Landscaping

Vines can be grown in the corners of your home which make the space feel more welcoming. Something plants additionally do is purify air. Part of keeping a home feeling welcoming, aesthetically pleasing, and cozy involves atmosphere. If the atmosphere is cloying, or heavy with odor, that can be oppressive. Varying plants purify the air besides looking wonderful.

Also, again owing to sight lines being broken up, there’s a psychological benefit to using varying plants for the purposes of enlivening a room. The space doesn’t feel so “sterile” or “produced”. Think about it. Hotel rooms never have any plants in them, not unless they’re an expensive suite. But a small plant makes a place feel somehow more “relatable”.

With small spaces you can hang plants, wrap vines around windows or corners, husband bonsai trees, or put bamboo in strategic places. English Ivy is also a great air purifier. A little research can help you determine which plants best fit your preferences. Most are as easy to maintain as occasionally pouring a little water on their roots.

Tiny yet beautiful room ideas 3

Make Homes Feel Bigger On The Inside Than It Looks Outside

When you’ve got sight lines broken up, the mind has more to work with. This makes a room feel bigger, because there’s no fixed point where the brain can fixate. Plants additionally give the brain something to think about, and aid in breaking up sight lines. As well, partitions can be put to work doubling the utility of a room in a natural way.

Mirrors spread light even as they help break up sight lines, so putting them floor-to-ceiling where you can is helpful. If you go with the partition idea, you could throw one that’s long above a couch, making it look like a window.

At any rate, finding ways of making furniture and décor conform to space is additionally key in a small room. Also, build vertical for space maximization. Techniques like these can make tiny spaces feel like they’re massive. Consider what you’ve got, and what you can do; a tiny home could feel bigger on the inside than out, if you’re dedicated enough.

Essential Eco Friendly Renovation Tips to Keep in Mind

Eco Friendly Renovation Tips

If you’re planning any renovation works in the near future, get ready for a sea of decisions you’ll need to make. Actually, renovations can be overwhelming for many people. However, there’s one thing you should keep in mind when having your home remodel—eco-friendliness. A sustainable renovation will not only help the environment but also allow you to save a lot of money in the long run. Interested in both? Here’s how you can make your renovation green with some Eco Friendly Renovation Tips.


Insulate your home

One of the best renovation projects to undertake is your home’s insulation, especially the wall, basement and attic insulation. While this won’t change the aesthetic appeal of your home, it will allow you to keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer without wasting energy and money on constant air conditioning. Additionally, you can boost your home’s energy efficiency and insulation by investing in new windows. Double glazed windows will keep the warmth inside when it’s cold outside and vice versa which can save you money and prevent energy waste. Additionally, new windows will ensure better noise insulation and make your home much more comfortable, so it’s a true win-win situation.

Eco Friendly Renovation Tips

Boost your energy efficiency

During your renovation, make sure to pay plenty of attention to your energy efficiency. If you’re planning to replace some outdated and broken appliances, check out new models that have an Energy Star logo, especially larger appliances like ovens, fridges, dishwashers and washing machines. Energy-efficient appliances will reduce your energy and water consumption and help you save money in the long run. Another thing that can improve your energy efficiency is your façade paint. For instance, if you live in Australia, you might want to use a lighter color for your home in order to reflect more sunlight and reduce your cooling bill.


Invest in low-VOC paint

Low- or zero-VOC paints are better for the environment, but also much healthier for you and your family. The off-gas minimally and make your home a much more comfortable place to live. When preparing to repaint your house, make sure to discuss low-VOC options with your painters. If you’re doing the work yourself, make sure to check out manufacturers like Behr or Benjamin Moore which sell low-VOC paints in all colors and shades imaginable.

Eco Friendly Renovation Tips

Reduce construction waste

Before you start peeling your old paint and tearing down walls, you should consider the way you’ll manage your waste. No matter how big or small your renovation is, you’ll have at least some waste to throw out. From bricks and timber to rubber and metal, you can fill your local landfill very fast. So, make sure to consider some more sustainable ways to dump your garbage. Australians are in luck because they can find companies that offer practical skip bin hire in Adelaide and get a bin perfect for safe and controlled garbage disposal. You can even get different skip bins for your solid and your green waste for easier and eco-friendlier disposal. And don’t think skip bins can only be hired by large businesses—these are perfect for any type of project that involves construction waste.


Deconstruction instead of demolishing

Are you planning to tear down some walls or remodel your roof? Well, once your architectural elements are removed, make sure to inspect the materials and see whether you can reuse some. This is not only a super eco-friendly practice, but it can also save you a lot of money on new materials. In most cases, you can reuse some of your fixtures, flooring, molding, bricks and shingles. With proper cleaning and some maintenance work, your old materials can look as good as new!

Essential Eco Friendly Renovation Tips to Keep in Mind

Invest in recycled materials

Pre-owned and recycled materials are not only perfectly good for any type of renovation, but you can get them at a quarter of the price. Today, you can grab anything from recycled flooring to reclaimed tiles and cabinets. Unfortunately, you can’t always find exactly the kind of materials you want, but checking these recycle plants and reclaimed material lots is usually worth it. Oftentimes, you can get positively surprised about the condition of the materials you can find there as long as you look hard.

If you consider these green tips, your remodel will not only be worth every penny, but also help our environment that’s enduring serious consequences of our polluting habits.


About the author

Mike Johnston is an avid freelance writer and blogger. He is a regular contributor to the Smooth Decorator blog. Mike’s Specialties are home improvement and interior design, but he also loves writing about small business, entrepreneurship, family life, green living and many other topics. Mike’s goal is to create interesting and compelling content and then share it throughout the online community.


Stylish Decorating Solutions for Small Spaces

decorating solutions for small spaces

Space is the ultimate frontier. Who doesn’t want more of it? I’ve lived in Japan where space is at a premium, as well as in tiny dorm rooms, and in overpriced, under-spaced NYC apartments so I don’t take a millimetre of free space for granted. And neither should you. Space makes you feel like you have room to grow, so don’t box yourself in, even if it means that you don’t get to put everything you want into a room.


Before you start

If the house is old and damp you’ll want to consider damp proofing. You can find more information on this at Damp Proofing Solutions. Next we will provide you with the best tips for decorating small spaces.


The First Tip

The first design rule of thumb for a small room is to scale your furniture. Personally, I’m not a fan of big, soft, fluffy furniture to begin with. Especially big, soft, fluffy sofas: Sit down in one and you end up getting sucked into it, then the next thing you know you’re totally enveloped in pillows, which is comfy but can put you to sleep in seconds, and I like to try to stay awake most of the day. If you do like big, soft, fluffy furniture, fine — just don’t overstuff a small room with it or you’re not going to have any space to walk around. Try to limit it to one fluffy comfortable chair or maybe just a fluffy ottoman. Or, if it’s a bedroom, keep all the furnishings and the bed itself fairly streamlined and top the bed with a big fluffy comforter and pillows.

decorating solutions for small spaces

The Furniture

Better yet, get furniture that’s sleek and low to the ground. Also consider having a few pieces on the sidelines — say, tucked away in a corner or pushed up against a wall — that you move to the centre only when you have guests over. Those pieces might be stools for extra seating or even a couple of side tables that nest inside each other and can be pulled out for a cocktail party or the Super Bowl. You’ve got to have somewhere to put the chips, right?


Make space for Entertainment

If you’re creating an entertainment room, also think about housing your electronic equipment in the most streamlined way possible. For instance, in my entertainment room, instead of putting my TV and stereo in a bulky cabinet or armoire, I built low, simple shelving on the wall with some little drawers and narrow shelves for storage and display. It makes the room feel more open, doesn’t take up much floor space, and yet still has a decorative feel.



Probably the most important thing to remember about designing a small space is, keep it simple. Choose a few wonderful things for the room and leave it at that. Think quality, not quantity when it comes to decorating solutions for small spaces.

Bathroom Remodelling Tips on a Budget

Bathroom Remodelling

DIY bathroom remodelling projects can be a great way to add value to your home, with the struggling economy people are less likely to move and more likely to remodel and repair the house they currently own. The first thing you need to do is determine a step by step process you are going to take in fixing up your bathroom. If you have a second bathroom you can gut the bathroom you are remodelling without having to worry about not having a place to shower or use the restroom.

After gutting your bathroom, look around for any mould or mildew. For small spots you can usually kill it with a bleach/water solution. If it is a large amount the drywall should be removed, and if it is on the wood it should be scraped off (while wearing proper safety equipment) and cleaned with the bleach/water solution. Read more about black mould removal.

The Planning

Plan for all the material needed for phase one of the re-build. Make a small scaled diagram and go to your local home improvement store and pick out and purchase all required materials. If the house is old then you might want to consider damp proofing the room first – if so, you can find out how this is done.


After this, you are ready to start the construction on the space. Once everything is back together you can then pick out your bathroom design items such as paint colors, shelves, fixtures and bathroom furniture. This also includes bathroom area rugs, toilet skirts and tank covers.

Bathroom Remodelling

Budget tips

You can save a significant amount of money if you buy your bathroom accessories and fixtures online, there are endless amounts of choices and you can get some great deals. I bought everything except my elongated toilet online, the toilet was an important piece in my bathroom and I wanted to ensure everything was perfect with it so I bought it locally.

After you project is finished you should evaluate the project and make notes of where you may have gone wrong so the next time you remodel you don’t make the same mistakes. If you need access to finance for this project then you might be able to consider the use of second mortgage loans.

You should also take pictures for insurance reasons in the event of fire or natural disaster. That way you have records of the bathroom remodel and the associated costs for replacement value.


These tips should have you considering all of the possibilities when it comes to remodelling your bathroom on a budget. Thanks for reading and be sure to leave your very own tips and feedback regarding this subject.

6 Tips to Improve the Quality of Life with Smart Home Designs

Smart Home Designs

Before you start thinking about adding smart home designs, you need to know the real difference in smart homes and actual smart homes. Buying a Google Home or Alexa does not make your home a smart home. These devices are really easy to use but they are limited to the automating part.

When you begin with creating the smart home you only need to think about which agreement you are going to use. Also Wi-Fi, which is primarily used for larger devices like the thermostats, you can pick between two: Z-wave and ZigBee.


Update your Thermostat

Most normal thermostats are programmable to a limited degree. It is created like a home automation device that learns your patterns, such as when you like it cold or hot, or when you’re usually to be home or go.

Having a programmed and smart thermostat has been a proven way of saving energy and money, in addition to keeping you more comfortable and simple. If you are beginning with your smart home, the best way to start is with a smart thermostat. Because technology is so improved, there are a lot of smart thermostats that are available out in the market. However, there are a few things that they need is geofencing and multi-user support.

Smart Home Designs

Add Smart Lights

Smart LED light bulbs are becoming popular and cheap and are a great thing to invest in when it comes to making your house smart. But the thing is that LED light bulbs are expensive. Smart lights are quite simple, they’re a lot of good brands and most of them come with their controller to start with, most of them come with a controller for your mobile, then some come with a central controller. Having smart and beautiful lighting will also make you keep your home clean for longer.

With those kinds of lights, you can program them so that they will turn on every time it gets dark. And they will do it all on their own, without your command.


Upgrade to Smart Outlets

Adding a smart wall plug is the best option for the next step in designing a smart home. By adding smart wall plugs you are controlling what devices are turning on and how much power they are using. You can plug your washing machine or you’re drier and it has your plug let you know when they are done because it monitors how much power it is using. If you’re building a house, it is a good idea to consult the professionals who are familiar with new home designs and find the best solution on how to incorporate smart wall plugs.

There are many types of the smart wall plugs you can choose from. The only downside of these plugs is that you will have to replace the outlets you want to swap out and they are pretty pricey.

Here are some fun things you can do with smart plugs:

  • You can turn on your coffee machine while you are still in bed
  • It can send you an alert when the washing machine is done
  • You can control lights and you don’t have to buy the smart light bulbs

Smart Home Designs

Feel More Safe with Smart Locks

These smart door locks are so much better and safer than a simple key, and therefore they do a much better job at keeping intruders out.

Smart door locks provide you with some of the best security measures:

  • You can send automated alerts to your phone whenever someone leaves or enters your house.
  • You can create special access codes for people like babysitters, housekeepers, caregivers, or others who don’t live there but need to get in.
  • You can lock and unlock your doors with just a smartphone. That is super handy if your hands are full, or you can’t remember if you locked your door or you just don’t want to bother to carry a key.

You Don’t Have to Struggle with Your Curtains

Nowadays, they are smart controlled curtain rods that you can build into your curtains and it will allow them to close with a remote. Or you are just lazy and you don’t want to get up and close the curtains when you are watching your favourite TV show. Overall they are just less pain to have then normal curtains.

Smart Home Designs

Invest in Water Sensors

Adding any kind of water sensor is great home improvement. But with a smart water sensor, you can do some fun yet useful things. A smart water sensor will send a signal every time it detects water, so it is super easy to detect flooding and unnecessary water usage. It will not only be a great house design it will help you save money in the long run.

Making a smart home can be quite pricey, but the amazing thing is that you can start small with just a few lights or a lock. With your whole home automation and smart home security devices in place, it’s just a matter of your creativity to find out how they will make your life easier.


Author Bio

NinaNina is a digital nomad, yoga aficionado and a travel enthusiast with a distinctive taste for home decor. She’s passionate about learning new things and sharing meaningful ideas.  In her free time, she loves to design clothes and furniture. If you wanna see what she’s up to you can find her on https://twitter.com/NinArtSimons




Redefining Cosiness in an Open Concept Home

Open Concept

Open concept home designed has gained huge popularity over the past decade and people all over the world are looking for ways to tear down limiting walls and create more breathable spaces. The only challenge that these big spaces pose is making them cosy, warm and inviting, especially in colder months.

Luckily, with the design tricks listed here, you can easily make your open home cosy and comfy regardless of the season and here is how.


Create conversation areas

It can be quite difficult trying to keep a private conversation with someone who is sitting 15 feet away from without raising your voice while everyone else in the room is trying to do the same. This is why in open concepts spaces it’s best to create several smaller zones and conversation areas where people can congregate and cosy up while chatting.

In an open concept home, you can create several conversation areas within one living space or divide your space into separate areas using furniture arrangement and space definition. With adequate lighting and the right choice of colour and materials, you’ll easily create a cosy atmosphere.

Open Concept

Define space with area rugs

In an open space without dividing walls, the best way to give it more definition is with area rugs. They have the power to bring together all the furniture pieces that are sitting on top of them and reinforce their purpose.

The rug size is a helpful tool in defining the perceived space so you can trick the eye into seeing a smaller, cosier and more intimate space or a large, airy space. Also, as current rug collections by Miss Amara New Zealand demonstrate, you can use different colours, patterns and materials to complement the existing décor, enhance the existing features in one particular area and add more texture and warmth to the room.

The right rug can visually soften the space and bring in balance so if you have your walls and furniture in a bolder colour, a subtle rug will tone them done and vice versa. An authentic rug can also be a focal point and a statement piece in a room with light walls and neutral furniture pieces.


Arrange your furniture

The way you arrange your furniture in the living area can greatly impact its overall look as it can help define the conversation areas and block off spaces. Sectional sofas, armchairs and coffee tables usually mark the transition of one area into another, but you can also use ottomans, desks and bookshelves. Just bear in mind that in open spaces, the backside of all pieces is exposed.

You can soften all the edges by opting for soft and lush fabrics of your furniture pieces and what is great about upholstered pieces is that they work well in any style, be it traditional or modern.

Open Concept

Cosy up with details

Nothing speaks cosy and warm better than a fireplace! Open concept homes can gain a lot from having any type of a fireplace, be it wood-burning, gas or electric. Their main purpose is to generate heat but they also make a great focal point and people naturally gravitate towards the source of light and warmth.

Speaking of light, while your interior benefits largely from an abundance of natural light, the ultimate cosy effect can be achieved by choosing a dimmer switch. Dimmed lights hide all the visible flaws and cast a warm glow in any space and if you use wall paint strategically, you’ll easily achieve the desired effect. Think in terms of two-toned walls and well-chosen wall art pieces that will give personality to your space.

Finally, natural materials will create the comfort you’re aiming at so think about incorporating wood, exposed brick, rattan, sisal and indoor plants to bring in a sense of nature. Use it tastefully in details such as a natural wood mantel, reclaimed wood dining table or a bookcase, small wicker baskets for storage and faux fur throw blankets on the side of your sofa.

While it may seem that open-concept designs can be challenging to decorate, it’s certainly far from impossible. It might take you a bit more time, effort and creative thinking, but with a little help from design suggestions listed here, you can have the best of both worlds – a big open concept home and a cosy space to enjoy in!


Author Bio

Lillian Connors simply can’t resist the urge to embark on a myriad of green living/home improvement projects and spread the word about them. She cherishes the notion that sustainable housing and gardening will not only make us far less dependent on others regarding the dwellings we inhabit, but also contribute to our planet being a better place to live on. You can check her out on Twitter and LinkedIn.

10 Decorating Tips To Make Any Bedroom Look Fresh

decorating tips

Your bedroom is your haven. It’s where you sleep, which means it’s where you spend around a third of your lifetime. Obviously, you won’t actually see it for most of the time you spend in there – you’ll be asleep, after all – but that doesn’t mean it’s not important for your bedroom to be beautiful, and to make you feel happy when you’re in there.

If you’re going to maximise the potential of your bedroom, then you’ll need to decorate it right. Maintaining a good ambience isn’t just crucial to getting a good night’s sleep; it’s also the right thing to do if your bedroom is your main area of relaxation, which it is for many of us. Here are 10 decorating tips to make any bedroom look fresh.


  1. Put up some artwork

Art is a great way to reduce cortisol, which is a stress hormone. With that in mind, hanging up some art, some prints, or some photos around your bedroom is a perfect stress reliever and will make your bedroom feel fresh. You don’t have to break the bank; you can brighten the room with cheap canvas prints and still make it look wonderful. Change up the art every so often for even more freshness.


  1. Use light colours

This might sound like a no-brainer, but one of the best ways to make a bedroom look fresh is to use light colours to decorate it. Colours can impact the way your mind works, and using darker colours can sometimes make you feel more sluggish and less refreshed each morning. Bright colours encourage you to start your day feeling energised and active.


  1. Put some plants around your room

Another of our decorating tips, Plants have many well-documented health benefits. They can reduce your stress, leading to a happier and healthier sleep cycle. It’s also common for plants to clean the air around you, which means you’ll breathe better at night and feel better when you wake up. That’s not to say anything for the aesthetic benefits of plants. Your room will look infinitely fresher when you dot some plants around it.

decorating tips

  1. Put up some mirrors

Mirrors can make a space feel bigger. There’s nothing like looking around your room and seeing the colours and vibrant design reflected back at you in a mirror. It’s also a great way to make sure you look fresh every time you go out. If you don’t already have a mirror, it’s a good idea to install a floor-to-ceiling one if you can. If not, a small wall-mounted mirror will do just fine.


  1. Be creative with your storage

Many bedrooms simply don’t look great because the storage solutions people have installed aren’t using the space right. Be clever and creative. Try to install custom-made wall shelving, for example, or transform existing furniture into storage solutions. If your bedroom is clean and devoid of clutter, it’s going to look great every single time you step into it.


  1. Put down a rug

Whether you’ve got carpets in your bedroom or not, a rug is a great idea. Not only do they feel excellent underfoot (a crucial part of waking up in the morning), but they also add a visual flair to the room that makes it pop. Sometimes, your bedroom can seem a little drab if you don’t have anything in it; a rug can be a wonderful antidote to that. Just make sure you get one that fits the space and looks good. Another one of our great decorating tips.


  1. If you’ve got a TV, wall-mount it

There are many, many reasons why you should wall-mount your TV. It looks cleaner, it maximises space in the room, and it means you don’t need a TV table (unless you’ve got games consoles or extra media players, of course). If your bedroom has a TV, consider wall-mounting it if you can. You’d be amazed how much space this can free up, and it’s pretty simple to do as well.


  1. Think carefully about your lighting

You may only have overhead lighting in your bedroom. If you do, you’re making a mistake. Installing table lamps and other light sources means you can choose the intensity of your light, which is perfect for late-night reading sessions. You could also consider installing dimmer switches for your overhead lights – bonus points if they’re remote-operated! – for even greater control.


  1. Keep the space clean and tidy

This isn’t really a decorating tips, but it is something people frequently forget. If you want your bedroom to look fresh and new every time you step into it, then you’ve got to keep it tidy. A messy bedroom can actually negatively impact your mood. Keep it tidy and you’ll thank yourself every time you get up. Make your bed, tidy up objects strewn around the floor, and dust every once in a while.


  1. Display some ornaments

You don’t want to be too kitschy with your display ornaments (unless that’s your taste!) but having some adornments and objects around the room is an excellent way to make it look fresh. Switch up your ornaments from time to time to keep things interesting. Whatever your taste and personality, make sure the ornaments reflect that aspect of you.


There you have it, 10 great decorating tips to help you get the most out of your bedroom.

How to Incorporate the Timeless Beauty of Natural Stone into Your Home

Natural Stone

With so many materials and designs we can choose from when decorating and furnishing our home, making the right choice can be quite hard. That’s why you need to define the style you’ll be using and stick to it as much as you can. More and more people opt for a natural look in their home, trying to making it visually appealing, sustainable, and timeless. Luckily, doing all of these things at once is possible if you think outside the box and incorporate stone into your home. If that’s something you’d like to do as well, here are a few ideas to consider.


Stone slabs

This is probably the easiest way to introduce stone into your living space, but it’s also the most effective one. Stone slabs aren’t just visually appealing and intriguing, but also easy to maintain, which is something all homeowners love. These slabs can come in different shapes, colours, and textures, so you need to learn a few things about them first. This is particularly true if you’re interested in adding natural stone flooring to your living room, bedroom, kitchen, or bathroom. Don’t forget how great this idea is, and find ways to make the most of it.

Natural Stone

Stone tiles

Speaking of bathrooms and kitchens, you can also incorporate stone tiles into these spaces as well. Again, there are lots of combinations you could explore, which is why picking the right look might not always be easy. Luckily, you have lots of options that are available to you, from floor and wall tiles to those tiles you can use in your outdoor area. If you take a look at what these Canberra-based experts for tiles, for example, offer, you’ll find a whole range of tiles that can fit into every corner of your living space, and take your home to a whole new level. Ultimately, these will fit in together and create a cool new vibe you and your family will be able to enjoy in the years to come as well.


Stone details

Whether you’re renovating your kitchen, your bathroom, your living room, or even your patio, stone details are always a great choice. These bring in a new dose of elegance into your home and turn into focal points your living space needs. You could introduce a stone sculpture into your living room, a stone sink into your bathroom, and stone countertop into your kitchen. Whichever option you go for, you can be sure it’s going to fit right into your home and make it look extra special.

Natural Stone

Stone furniture

Finally, this is the perfect idea for every homeowner who wants to accentuate their love for natural stone. Marble, travertine, and onyx are great materials for furniture pieces that are both practical and beautiful. Stone top coffee tables are one of the most popular ideas out there, so you could start with that one and see how well your family reacts to stone furniture. You can even design and build such a coffee table yourself, making sure it fits right into your home and your decorating style. Keep in mind that these pieces may look strange and unusual at first, but actually come with a number of benefits – from their look and their easy maintenance to their impact on your entire home and their ability to turn into focal points your living space needs.


Introducing stone into your home may not be the easiest thing in the world of interior design, but it’s not the hardest either. You just need to find ideas that work for you the most and adapt them to your own preferences and design ideas.


Author Bio

Lillian Connors simply can’t resist the urge to embark on a myriad of green living/home improvement projects and spread the word about them. She cherishes the notion that sustainable housing and gardening will not only make us far less dependent on others regarding the dwellings we inhabit, but also contribute to our planet being a better place to live on. You can check her out on Twitter and LinkedIn.

How to Design a Cosy Nordic Living Room

How to Design a Cosy Nordic Living Room

Thanks to the typical Scandinavian climate, people who live there know how to make their homes comfortable and cozy. However, this trend has found its way to other parts of the world too, as more people have realised the benefits of having a cosy living space, especially when the weather gets cold. So, if you think this style would fit your home and lifestyle too, here are a few tips that should help you learn How to Design a Cosy Nordic Living Room.


Build a fireplace

The most authentic way to create warmth in your living room is to actually have a wood-burning fire. There aren’t many things more calming than drinking tea or simply cuddling with your pets or a partner in front of a fireplace. In the modern world, most of us rely on central heating systems or electric heaters, but they simply cannot achieve the same effect. So, if you can install a nice fireplace, and if you don’t mind maintaining your chimney every year, you definitely should have it.


Decorate with candles

Not everybody can build a fireplace in their home, and that’s okay – there are other ways to introduce warmth into your home. For example, you can always use candles. You can create a nice candle display by arranging them in different patterns, and you can use it as a centerpiece for your living room table. It can do wonders for the ambiance in your living room. Just don’t forget to blow out the candles before going to bed or going out.


How to Design a Cosy Nordic Living Room


Use wood

One of the main features of Nordic style is including natural wood as much as you can and wherever you can. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to do that. Of course, you can always do the basic things, like wood flooring, furniture, and panelled walls. However, you can also focus on the little details, like wood picture frames, aesthetic statues or figurines that serve as decoration, flower pots, etc. Speaking of art, genuine experts, as the people at this design studio in Sydney, for instance, could help you come up with the best artwork for your living room that would fit this design, so don’t hesitate to consult professionals, as well, if you’re unsure about doing this part yourself.


Add some faux fur

For some extra warmth and softness, make use of faux fur. One of the best ways to include it in your living room design is to simply layer faux fur rugs over your wood floor. Of course, you can also introduce some faux fur throws that would keep you warm and cozy during colder evenings, and you can match them with faux fur pillows too.


Think about the colours

Since this design is based on natural elements like wood and fire, you need to think carefully about the colours. You don’t want to go for anything too bold or sterile. So, stick to warmer, muted colours, like greys, creams, olive greens, and similar. A touch of blue is acceptable as well, but try to stick to the colours of winter and nature.


How to Design a Cosy Nordic Living Room


Opt for more natural lighting

There is no room for bright, unnatural lighting in a Nordic-style living room. However, since we do live in the modern age, stronger lights are sometimes necessary. Just try to keep them to a minimum and opt for brighter task lights instead of overhead lights. That way, you’d still be able to do your work or read a book without compromising the warm atmosphere of the design. Or, if you really do need brighter lights, you can always install dimmers, so you can adjust the brightness to your needs and mood.


The Scandinavian design has something unique that makes it attractive to people from all over the world, as in this day and age, everybody seems to be looking for a bit of extra comfort and warmth. So, if you think this style is perfect for your needs as well, consider the listed tips in this How to Design a Cosy Nordic Living Room blog post, do your research, consult professionals if needed, and you’ll be enjoying your new living room in no time.


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Lillian Connors simply can’t resist the urge to embark on a myriad of green living/home improvement projects and spread the word about them. She cherishes the notion that sustainable housing and gardening will not only make us far less dependent on others regarding the dwellings we inhabit, but also contribute to our planet being a better place to live on. You can check her out on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Luxury Interiors in the Home

Luxury Interiors

Interior that speaks luxury

Luxury interiors vary in imagination from one person to another. Some might feel luxurious in a traditional room decorated with chandeliers, heavy swag curtains, boiserie, and tufted settees. On the other hand, others might feel luxury in a modern space furnished with linear sofas, glass expanses, and beautiful accent chairs. Whatever your dream luxury looks like, they all have one thing in common, which is “No Clutter.” A clean, organised, and a tidy room looks better compared to a messy room. Here are a few layouts with high-end decor ideas, architectural features, designer lightings, and stunning furniture that you can draw inspiration from for decorating your room.


  1. Asian Inspired home decor

Cultural touchstones of Buddhism inspire Asian-style interiors. The colour palettes make the room feel serene, calm, and most importantly look balanced. For an Asian-inspired living room, contrast the softness of throws and pills with crystal chandelier, wooden tables, and marble flooring. Adding glass partitions, bamboo blinds, and stone decorations give a poised look to the room.


  1. Boiserie

Boiserie instantly gives your home a touch of character. It is a French way of calling wooden work. Wooden panelling on the walls provide an elegant look and visually increases space in the room. It gives a vintage feel to any environment, especially large areas, which otherwise go unnoticed. A wall with boiserie looks stylish when you add a touch of colour to it. Another great look is the combination of mirrors and paintings with boiserie. It creates an optical illusion giving your room a warm and energetic feel.


  1. Using Interesting Textile

The details of vibrant patterns on natural fibres and hand-made textiles make any home decor stand out. Silk is the most luxurious fabric which has a smooth and lustrous texture. Though silk is expensive and high in maintenance, it’s resilient and refined texture makes it a perfect choice for interior decoration. The easiest way of adding a royal feel to your home decor is by using a Persian rug made of silk. It instantly gives your room a royal and classy feeling. You can also add shimmery textured silk upholstered wallpaper for a traditional and contemporary look. Other ways of adding this textile into your home decor are by adding silk pillows, silk curtains, silk bed sheets, and silk quilt covers.


  1. Sculptural items

Adding little sculptures, a unique silhouette in your living area, office arena, or guest room makes them look enchanting and magical. Acrylic sculptures are remarkable. They transform a room with life and colour. Glass sculptures are a simple way to make a bold statement and introduce a plethora of colours. Furniture with unique style also looks like a piece of art in your room. A coffee table with tree-root and an unusual side chair give an artistic and luxurious feel to your home. Adding sculpture in a home revamps the whole decor and leaves a long-lasting appeal to your surroundings.


  1. Include a piece of history

Adding any high-end historical property to your space does wonders. A mirror, quilts, or antiques which look old and speak history give your interior decor a sense of wisdom.


Luxury Interiors


  1. Decorate With a Mix of Textures

A thoughtful mix of textures and materials gives a luxurious decor to your space. Custom-designing and careful selection of glass, metals, wood, leather, and textiles come together to create an inviting space. The layering of these textiles must come together naturally to give a lavish look.


  1. Luxurious bedroom

The place of relaxation after all the day’s hustle must reflect your style. It also must function as the retreat you deserve. A bedroom can transform into a luxurious room by adding lamps, or an intricate accent wall. Plush decorative benches are excellent statement pieces in a bedroom. Fabric and colour coordination of the bed and the sitting area at the foot of the bed creates a high-end feel in the room.


  1. Technology

With increasing technological innovations, every home is turning into a smart home. With the touch of a button on your phone, you can control the lighting in your room, alarm systems, door locks, and home climate. Installing these features in a home is what makes a home luxurious and trendy.


  1. Spa Bathroom

A bathroom looks luxurious when its spacious, stylish accent details, has lighting and has an expensive furnishing. Interior of a bathroom with radiant heat floors, head-to-toe shower jets, and huge spa tub can relax any level of stress. The design of the bathroom stands out with the right textures like stone textured wallpaper contrasts the shiny element in a bathroom. An ornamental feature like an ornate mirror or a sculptural chair can give a fancy bathroom look.


  1. Dressing Room

A dressing room is an extension of the bedroom. Rich people, especially women, store their stylish, trendy, and expensive purchases here. Both men and women like to have a desire for showcasing their taste of clothes, shoes, and purses in a large room. A luxurious walk-in closet includes racks, cedar shelves, and mirrors with enough lighting for dressing up.



The above are a few of the massive luxury interiors decor ideas. Everyone has a personal style of home decor and lifestyle goals. You can achieve luxury in your home by incorporating comfort, amenities, and technology.


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Luxury Interiors in the HomeDerek Edison Is an Interior Decorator and a passionate writer who loves to write about creating aesthetic and ambient living environment for everyone. He focuses on sharing ideas and techniques learnt from his experience as an Interior Decorator in a concise manner so that it can be used by everyone to make their surroundings beautiful to live in.