Colour Glass Infrared Heaters – Huge Range

Colour Glass Infrared Heaters

Until recently glass infrared heaters have had the same sort of colour choices available as the old Ford cars. OK there was black and white, and at a stretch mirror, but you get the point.

We offer something different. A huge palette of colours to choose from, colours that allow you to personalise your space and match your style. Our colour glass infrared heaters are all manufactured and certified here in the UK. We manufacture using the widest range of coloured glass from AGC in the UK. In line with our environmental ethos, the paints used in processing are environmentally friendly low VOC paints, not only that the whole portfolio is cradle to grave certified.

Colours range from White Pure, immaculate as snow, to Brown Natural, the colour of earth, along with other colours inspired by the natural world, such as Red Terracotta, Green Soft and Green Sage. The colours we use enable you to play with the combinations shade by shade and give your interior a colourful, contemporary touch.

Integrating stylish and contemporary heating into your home has never been easier. Gone are the days of inefficient, white radiators taking up your wall space and dictating furniture placement. In addition our colour glass infrared heaters provide a more comfortable and efficient heat, gently warming and maintaining the comfort levels in your home.

Our heaters are designed and manufactured with minimalism in mind and can either blend into the background of your interior design or alternatively come to the fore. Design and quality ensures that either option is available to you.

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