Coloured Glass Infrared Heaters

coloured glass infrared heaters

Infrared heaters come in many shapes and sizes. The majority are cheap imports from China and are often rebranded by some of the leading suppliers and sold as their own. At funkyheat we design and manufacture our own coloured glass infrared heaters in our own UK factory using the highest quality components. Not only are the heaters manufactured in the UK, we have also had them fully certified in the UK meaning double your peace of mind.



Our coloured glass infrared heaters are exceptional and we offer a range of colours, shapes and wattages second to none. The glass we use will not suffer from flaking, peeling or fading colour. Our factory is a state of the art glass processing factory in Yorkshire. We have a dedicated clean room manufacturing facility for the manufacture of our infrared heaters. Using the highest quality glass we process the glass on site to the individual requirements of each heater.

Every one of our infrared heaters is manufactured with quality in mind. Every infrared heater is tested when it comes off the production line and testing includes switching every heater on to make sure it works as it should. We’re proud of the level of detail and quality control that goes into every infrared heater we manufacture.

Coloured Glass Infrared Heaters


Unrivalled Choice

Coloured glass infrared heaters can be cleverly used in interior design to enhance your home and create a beautiful living space. We have the largest range of glass infrared heaters in Europe, with 5 different shapes, 5 different wattages, 15 different dimensions and over 20 different finishes (excluding the option of bespoke and specific RAL). That’s close to 2000 different variations for you to choose from to match your own individual style. Here’s a small selection…


If you want a cheap, lower quality coloured glass infrared heater then please don’t buy a FunkyHeat infrared heater. We’re not what you’re looking for, we’re all about high quality and exceptionally designed and manufactured coloured glass infrared heaters. Our infrared heaters can be used in any room of the house and have an IP44 rating suitable for bathroom installation. We can manufacture to the colour you desire so that you can create the interior design (here’s some beautiful living room ideas) that you truly want.

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Our heaters integrate a number of safety features such as in-built sensor control to prevent over heating and the highest quality of toughened glass from the largest glass manufacturer in the world.



  • N 60335-1:2012 / EN60335-2-30 (Safety of Electrical Appliances)
  • EN55014 1 + 2 / EN61003-2 / EN61003-3 (EMC)
  • EN50366:2003+A1 (EMF)
  • EN60529-1992 + A2 (IP44 rating)
  • RoHS
  • CE Certified
Coloured Glass Infrared Heaters
Coloured Glass Infrared Heaters
DIN EN ISO 9001-2015
Coloured Glass Infrared Heaters
Coloured Glass Infrared Heaters
Coloured Glass Infrared Heaters
EN Certification


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Coloured Glass Infrared Heaters


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