Common Bathroom Renovation Mistakes: How to Avoid Them

bathroom renovation

Bathroom renovation should be a quick and stress-free project that will revitalise and rejuvenate the setting, and imbue the space with peace, positivity, and purpose. Alas, more often than not, the project will run into numerous bumps on the road to completion, and oftentimes the end result will be less than the owner hoped for.

What’s more, it’s not a seldom occurrence that the new bathroom looks and feels perfect before starting to show its faults and drawbacks in the weeks and months following the remodel. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the most common bathroom renovation mistakes and how you can avoid them by a mile.


Choosing the perfect layout for your bathroom renovation

It should go without saying that the new bathroom needs to sport the right layout and arrangement to accommodate your current and future needs, especially if you’re remodelling a large family bathroom. Given the fact that the entire family needs to enjoy the space equally, you will need to organise and position every amenity according to their needs as well.

Many homeowners make the inadvertent mistake of cluttering up the space or simply choosing the layout that doesn’t correspond with the size and shape of the room, ultimately impeding freedom of movement and safety. Ideally, you want your new layout to accommodate a bathtub, vanity, shower, bidet, and plenty of storage without cluttering the room.


bathroom renovation


Defining the aesthetics of the room

Form should always follow function. Yet oftentimes, homeowners and contractors get so involved in designing the perfect layout and bringing functionality into the room that they spend little time worrying about the aesthetic appeal of the setting, about that homey, serene vibe every bathroom should emanate.

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Even if you’ve been thinking about the aesthetic design copiously, it’s pretty easy to clutter up the space later on and deconstruct the theme of the room without even realising it. To avoid this problem, make sure you procure all of the necessary decor elements early on, so that you won’t have to settle for pieces that don’t really go with the overarching design.


bathroom renovation


Sizing the hot water system

Probably one of the biggest mistakes homeowners make when planning a bathroom remodel is failing to inspect their hot water system, repair it during the project, or even upgrade it if necessary. While they are built to last, you should never begin bathroom renovation without inspecting your hot water system for leaks and other problems.

What’s more, upgrading your model to better suit your current and future needs would be a sound and prudent decision. So, during the planning phase, have an expert such as this Canberra-based hot water plumber perform a throughout check-up of your system and guide you through the selection of a new unit, if there is a need for an upgrade.


bathroom renovation


Installing proper lighting and ventilation

The bathroom should be a peaceful and serene place, an intimate oasis where every family member can wash away the stress and trouble of the outside world and prepare for the challenges of the day. Along with numerous decor elements, lighting and air flow will play vital roles in bringing this peaceful oasis to life.

Therefore, you want to plan your lighting scheme well in advance in order to accentuate certain areas of the bathroom. Make sure plenty of natural light permeates the space during the day, and then let strategic artificial lighting bring a peaceful vibe to the room in the evening. When it comes to air flow, you want to install adequate ventilation in case the room doesn’t have windows, or if the window scheme is not big enough.

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Bathroom renovation needn’t be a lengthy or cumbersome project, but it does require some strategic thinking and planning in order to create a sound remodelling plan that will guide the project to a successful end. By avoiding these common mistakes, you will have no problem upgrading your bathroom and creating an aesthetic and functional setting the entire family will love.


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