Essential Eco Friendly Renovation Tips to Keep in Mind

Eco Friendly Renovation Tips

If you’re planning any renovation works in the near future, get ready for a sea of decisions you’ll need to make. Actually, renovations can be overwhelming for many people. However, there’s one thing you should keep in mind when having your home remodel—eco-friendliness. A sustainable renovation will not only help the environment but also allow you to save a lot of money in the long run. Interested in both? Here’s how you can make your renovation green with some Eco Friendly Renovation Tips.


Insulate your home

One of the best renovation projects to undertake is your home’s insulation, especially the wall, basement and attic insulation. While this won’t change the aesthetic appeal of your home, it will allow you to keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer without wasting energy and money on constant air conditioning. Additionally, you can boost your home’s energy efficiency and insulation by investing in new windows. Double glazed windows will keep the warmth inside when it’s cold outside and vice versa which can save you money and prevent energy waste. Additionally, new windows will ensure better noise insulation and make your home much more comfortable, so it’s a true win-win situation.

Eco Friendly Renovation Tips

Boost your energy efficiency

During your renovation, make sure to pay plenty of attention to your energy efficiency. If you’re planning to replace some outdated and broken appliances, check out new models that have an Energy Star logo, especially larger appliances like ovens, fridges, dishwashers and washing machines. Energy-efficient appliances will reduce your energy and water consumption and help you save money in the long run. Another thing that can improve your energy efficiency is your façade paint. For instance, if you live in Australia, you might want to use a lighter color for your home in order to reflect more sunlight and reduce your cooling bill.

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Invest in low-VOC paint

Low- or zero-VOC paints are better for the environment, but also much healthier for you and your family. The off-gas minimally and make your home a much more comfortable place to live. When preparing to repaint your house, make sure to discuss low-VOC options with your painters. If you’re doing the work yourself, make sure to check out manufacturers like Behr or Benjamin Moore which sell low-VOC paints in all colors and shades imaginable.

Eco Friendly Renovation Tips

Reduce construction waste

Before you start peeling your old paint and tearing down walls, you should consider the way you’ll manage your waste. No matter how big or small your renovation is, you’ll have at least some waste to throw out. From bricks and timber to rubber and metal, you can fill your local landfill very fast. So, make sure to consider some more sustainable ways to dump your garbage. Australians are in luck because they can find companies that offer practical skip bin hire in Adelaide and get a bin perfect for safe and controlled garbage disposal. You can even get different skip bins for your solid and your green waste for easier and eco-friendlier disposal. And don’t think skip bins can only be hired by large businesses—these are perfect for any type of project that involves construction waste.


Deconstruction instead of demolishing

Are you planning to tear down some walls or remodel your roof? Well, once your architectural elements are removed, make sure to inspect the materials and see whether you can reuse some. This is not only a super eco-friendly practice, but it can also save you a lot of money on new materials. In most cases, you can reuse some of your fixtures, flooring, molding, bricks and shingles. With proper cleaning and some maintenance work, your old materials can look as good as new!

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Essential Eco Friendly Renovation Tips to Keep in Mind

Invest in recycled materials

Pre-owned and recycled materials are not only perfectly good for any type of renovation, but you can get them at a quarter of the price. Today, you can grab anything from recycled flooring to reclaimed tiles and cabinets. Unfortunately, you can’t always find exactly the kind of materials you want, but checking these recycle plants and reclaimed material lots is usually worth it. Oftentimes, you can get positively surprised about the condition of the materials you can find there as long as you look hard.

If you consider these green tips, your remodel will not only be worth every penny, but also help our environment that’s enduring serious consequences of our polluting habits.


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