Heating Park Homes or Static Caravans

heating park homes

Heating park homes can be an expensive thing to do, often the choice you’ve got is either bottled gas or inefficient electric heaters. This was a problem one of our commercial clients came to us with. They own a holiday park with a number of park homes and wanted an efficient way of heating park homes. Here’s what we did for them…


Project: Replacement of electric convector heaters with suitably sized far infrared heater panels.

Our client is a luxury lodge park in the North of England. The park has a mixture of 2 and 3 bed luxury lodges, currently heated via a number of wall mounted 2kW electric convector heaters. The 2 bedroom lodges had 4 of these heaters together with a heated towel rail in the bathrooms, whilst the 3 bed lodges had 5 x 2kW convector heaters and the heated towel rail. Our brief was to improve the aesthetic appeal of the lodges whilst at the same time reducing running costs. An additional request of the park owner was that the control system we provided should be such that the guests could not fiddle with and override the thermostat settings. Heating park homes efficiently was an issue for them.

Following examination of the plans and site visits, we assessed the size of far infrared heater required to heat each relevant space within the lodge.

Our specification of far infrared panel heaters has resulted in each space requiring an 800W heater, rather than the 2kW heaters currently in place, a reduction of 60%. The heaters specified will be ceiling mounted and measure 1200mm x 600mm. They are frameless and matte white glass meaning that they will be particularly unobtrusive. All heaters are hard wired off a fused spur and connected to a tamperproof thermostat. Temperature is set to a comfortable 21ºC, although with infrared people generally find a degree or two cooler comfortable.


Heating park homes efficiently

Lodge users will benefit from a consistent temperature whilst the lodge owner will benefit from much reduced heating costs and the knowledge that the settings are not being interfered with. Additionally, the installation of ceiling mounted far infrared heating panels has freed up a significant amount of wall space in the lodges and improved the aesthetics of the lodges.

What are the advantages of far infrared heating panels? Infrared heating is one of the most cost effective heating systems available, efficiently converting electrical energy into far-infrared heat.

One of the other advantages of infrared heating, particularly for park home or static caravan installation is the positive impact that they have on reducing condensation and therefore blackspot mould. This is because of the different way infrared heats the space. Convection heaters heat the air, which results in warm air touching cold surfaces and creating condensation. This combined with a poor airflow (for example behind furniture, corners of bathrooms etc.) results in the formation of blackspot mould. Infrared heats people and objects first therefore significantly reducing the cause of condensation.


  • Efficient – Up to twice as efficient as other heating systems. 


  • Eco – Almost zero energy wastage and emission-free, a great partner for solar



  • Zero maintenance – Minimal parts. 5 year warrantee and CE certified


  • Healthy – Better for allergy sufferers, noise and odour free


  • Smart – Variable thermostats and possibility to zone only small areas


  • Thermostatic controlled infrared heating panels for static caravans


A saving of between 4.8kW – 6kW of installed heating per property was made!


Learn more about the efficiencies of infrared heating


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Heating Park Homes or Static Caravans

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