Housewarming Party Ideas for 2018

Housewarming party ideas 2018

Once you move into your new house and finish with all the additional works on décor and exterior, it’s only fitting to show off your work. Housewarming party is not only the perfect way to do that but also great for meeting the new neighbours.

Housewarming parties are a long tradition that allows for family, friends and new neighbours to mingle and get to know each other. It’s also a wonderful opportunity to hear praise about your interior design and even cooking talents. Even if you didn’t unpack all your stuff or decorated all the rooms, housewarming party can give you a nice break from all the work. You might even get some useful and helpful advice from the guests.

Housewarming Party Ideas

In order to organise the housewarming party, you have to plan it first. There are a lot of choices and themes you can choose and having all the details will help you finish it all in time. That’s why we prepared some housewarming party ideas that will be perfect to throw this year.

1.    Game night

There are several ways to organise a housewarming party and one of them is certainly a game night. This doesn’t mean that you should spend the night playing chess, but organise a big event with a theme or several games. One of the things can be playing several board games at the same time by mixing up the players. Let people meet each other over the game of scrabble or cards.

Games Night

Another way is to divide people into teams and play one big game. Of course, the emphasis here is also on mixing people together. You can play pantomime or any other guessing game. It can even be a quiz with different areas of interest like music, movies and pop culture. The winners could get a small reward in the end like a cake that then they’ll share with everyone else, for example.

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An elegant party

2.    An elegant party

If you like classic parties and elegance, then you will enjoy this year’s trend to create the relaxed and comfortable minimalistic environment. This doesn’t mean that you will create a simple party, but rather a one that will allow your guests to concentrate on the welcoming environment of your home.

Minimalist parties are great for apartments, especially the smaller ones. Also, if the weather outside is not so great for outdoor parties, then this is also perfect for houses. Clear out the unnecessary furniture and make as much room as possible. Leave only the ones you will use during the party, like lamps and the sitting set.

Rent small and tall tables where people can place their drinks. For food, make smaller one-bite treats. You can use bar stools for sitting, while on the other end you can place your sitting set where people can sit more comfortably to chat.

a minimalist party

Try to minimize the use of colour if you already painted your walls. But if you have white or neutral wall colour, then add some panache with wildflower arrangements in the room. You can use textures on the sofa cover and cushions also to add character to space but make sure to use one and not many different patterns. Additionally, you can inflate balloons with helium and arrange them on a ceiling with strings hanging down.

Housewarming Party Ideas for 2018

3.    La vie en violete

Since ultraviolet is the Pantone Colour of the Year 2018, it can be only fitting to use it and show how trendy you are. If you have a backyard and moved into your new home during the warmer months, turn it into the outdoor party area. Buy some light and see-through materials and tie them up to the tree branches.

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Housewarming Party Ideas for 2018

Use some professional services, like kombi bar hire and renting of chairs and tables. Create different areas for dancing, eating, catering and chatting. This way you will create a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. Use artificial flowers in all sorts of violet shades from light to dark and mix them with white ones. Place such arrangements all over the yard in small pots as decorations. For tables, use violet candles in glass containers and hang small string LED lights for the evening event.

Housewarming Party Ideas for 2018


Don’t forget that housewarming parties are intended to meet people, so the most important thing is to create the décor that allows that. Once everyone feels relaxed and met each other, the atmosphere will become more relaxed and people will really start having fun.


Housewarming Party Ideas for 2018


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