How To Go Through Roof Renovations Without Stress

Roof Renovations

A good roof is a vital part of any home. Sure, it isn’t as flashy as a nice sunroom, or a high-tech decked out kitchen, but it matters much more. A poor roof will leak, it will let the elements in and mess up all your fantastic wares, everything that makes your home shine. Basically, without a good roof, every other thing you do in your home as far as renovations are concerned can be at serious risk.

So, fixing up your roof should be at the top of your priorities list. The article below deals with certain ways you can renovate your roof with minimal stress, all the while preserving the quality of the work. Read on to find out exactly what we mean.


Think about the contractors you’re getting

Getting the right contractor to help you out is a very important step in renovating your roof. Let’s not beat around the bus here – renovating your roof by yourself is not smart. Roofs are just too important and complicated to let an amateur fix them up. Now, of course, replacing a shingle here, a flashing there, you can handle that easily. However, unless you have decades of experience in this industry, either in roofing, carpentry, or some other jobs in this field, you better get a professional.

Now, we suggest you hire roofers whose work you know for a fact exists, work that is good and of high quality. Either get real recommendations from friends and family you trust or go to local lumberyards and hardware stores and see what they have to recommend. With the former, you’re in the clear, but with the latter, you will most likely need to check out some work they did, just in case.

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Also, check for any local certificates and certifications. If they’re a member of a local union or any kind of guild or body of professionals, that might be a good sign.

Roof Renovations

Do your homework

With roof renovations you need to do your homework. If you want to have your roof properly renovated, getting the right documentation and paperwork is vital. Maybe you need to file a site inspection request, or even have a professional check the entire place itself. This isn’t just about your roof, it’s about whether the surrounding area can handle heavier machinery.

Next, you need to figure out what materials you need to get. There are many different types, and all of them give you different advantages and disadvantages. Now, you can, of course, stick to what you had previously, and maybe you won’t have much say in the matter, but this can also be a great opportunity to change things up. So, slate is fireproof, waterproof, a great insulator, buts it’s also very heavy and expensive. Asphalt is dirt cheap, gives you lots of variety when it comes to design, but it’s not that good looking. Clay is very tough, great against sunlight and heat, not so much against too much water. Wood shingles are expensive, look amazing, but simply might not last that long.


Get a good plan going

You need to prepare because jobs like these can take a while, and are very expensive. You might need to move out for a while, maybe check yourself and your family into a hotel. Perhaps you need to plan the actual work in advance, during your summer vacation, or simply take some days off of work.

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What is the extent of the renovations you need to do? How much work do you need to invest, how much money will it cost? Can your budget handle the entirety of the repairs, or do you have to do it all step by step? Do you need to get some insulation work done too, or is simply plugging lots of leaks enough?

Roof Renovations


And there you have it folks, a couple of ways you can go through roof renovations without going grey or losing your hair. First of all, you need to choose the right roofer. Ask around, check in with some friends you trust, see what they have to say. Then, get a good plan going, know that there is a lot of work that needs to be done in advance. You need to check into a hotel, or maybe go to a neighbour’s house. Getting a couple of days off of work might help you gain more control over the works. Finally, think about any approvals you might need, as well as make a decision on the materials you want to get.


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