HVAC Considerations for a Contemporary Office Space

Contemporary Office Space

When building a contemporary office space, there are certainly a lot of things that will require your undivided attention. Coming up with the desired layout, deciding on the type of insulation and choosing the right type of air conditioning system are just some of the things you will need to consider.

That being said, some of these, such as choosing the right HVAC system for your future office space, will need to be decided on in the earliest stages of the building process to avoid having to make expensive adjustments later down the line. Here are some things you should consider.

Work with your HVAC, not against it

The fact is that no matter the HVAC system you choose to implement, it will definitely be one of the biggest energy spenders in your office space. However, there are certainly some design considerations you can opt for to reduce HVAC loads and make your space work with it instead of against it. Aside from making sure that your space is well-insulated, you should also ensure that your office space receives enough sunlight during the day. This is because having opulent natural light has proven to have a positive effect on employees and it will keep your office space warm naturally. However, to avoid overheating during the particularly sunny months, you should also consider going for tinted low-Ewindows.

Contemporary Office Space

Choose the right size

Furthermore, when choosing the right HVAC system for your contemporary office space, you should also think about its size. Here, it’s very important to choose the system that of the right size because going too big or too small simply won’t work. Also, in order to be able to calculate the necessary HVAC load, you should put other things into equation, such as the amount of daylight, lighting design and activity patterns in your office space, and not just the square footage.

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Create different zones

Since the era of office cubicles is thankfully long behind us and open office plans are apparently here to stay, you should still consider creating different zones in your open office floor plan to boost the energy efficiency of your HVAC system. Working with a commercial construction company will enable you to come up with an optimal design of the space that will guarantee maximum comfort at all times. For instance, the “zones” you should consider creating are perimeter spaces – more affected by weather than interior areas, computer room(s) – require specific control, and the meeting rooms – which will require more cooling, especially when there are a lot of people inside. All of these zones require specific air conditioning, so keep that in mind.

Think about underfloor air distribution

So far, office spaces were usually equipped with overhead heating and cooling systems, which proved to be not so energy efficient, especially in office spaces with tall ceilings. That’s why underfloor air distribution became a popular alternative. When you think about it, the warm air rises towards the ceiling and is being replaced by the cooler conditioned air which ensures consistent comfort levels.

Layer different solutions for different needs

Finally, there will always be areas in your contemporary office space that are cooler than others and there will always be people working for you that prefer warmer environments. That’s why you should consider layering different heating solutions to adhere to everyone’s needs. For instance, energy efficient infrared heater panels are an excellent way to add another dose of comfort to your office space, without having to waste a lot of energy, so consider implementing them as well.

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These were just some of the considerations you should keep in mind when designing your office space and choosing the right HVAC system for it. Since this project is definitely not easy, make sure you have the right professional help working with you at all times.


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