Show Home Visit: How to Make It a Sweet Success

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Visiting a show home is an important part of the pre-construction phase. It’s a unique opportunity to see your ideas evolved from the floor-plan to something you can see in 3D space. While first-time home builders are encouraged to visit a show home, they must resist getting caught up in high-end furniture and professional styling that display homes are known for. On the other hand, show homes can tell you whether you need more kitchen space, whether the bedroom functions the way you need it to, etc. If you plan on visiting a show home, here are a few tips to get the most from it.

Assess the flow and functionality

Open doors to see if they hit against light switches and open cupboards and see if their doors are likely to obstruct free movement when put to the test. Analyse the space and orientation of every room, and see if it accommodates your furniture, and not only the one chosen carefully for the display. Does the home have enough room for entertaining friends and family? Is there room enough and access for pets? Try to see you and your family using the space and decide if the house suits your particular needs.

Show Home Visit: How to Make It a Sweet Success

Examine orientation and land features

Any differences in topography and orientation between your land and the display lot may impact how well the selected home performs at your site. The differences and similarities between those two may also determine whether you can accommodate the pool, outdoor hot tub, or elaborate landscaping features you had in mind. Be sure to notice the widow orientation and how it could affect heating, cooling, energy efficiency, and natural light. In the southern hemisphere, north-facing windows receive twice the amount of winter sun than east- and west-facing windows. Logically, east- and west-facing windows receive double the sunlight in summer, which requires additional shading.

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Careful with premium upgrades

Keep in mind that display homes are regularly fitted with premium features that don’t come with the base home package. Extra features such as bench-tops, luxury tiles, and fittings tend to vary depending on the specific package you plan to purchase. For example, recent luxury display homes in Sydney show us that more and more providers are offering individualised, handcrafted homes, that meet specific client’s needs. It’s important to have a clear idea of what you’re looking for from the very start. Go through company brochures and take virtual tours, where available.

Show Home Visit: How to Make It a Sweet Success

Focus on the basics

Visiting a display home, it’s only too easy to become distracted by the dazzling interiors, designed to take your breath away. However, you should always concentration the fundamental elements you’ll use every day, and contribute to the overall living experience in your home. This includes adequate storage, systematic placement of power outlets, phone, internet, and TV connections, plumbing, and other essential utilities.

Memorise your experiences

Especially if you’ve scheduled a visit to multiple display homes, it’s easy for all the elements and features to blend together. The individual characteristics of different homes might blur and at the end of the day, you can’t tell one home from another. Remember to take notes, photos, ask many questions, and write down your impressions. Later on, when you sit down to asses all the different options, you’ll be glad to have your personal references to consult.

Display homes provide a unique opportunity for future homeowners to get a feel of their potential new home, discovering potential flow or design flaws. Walking the floor plan in person, you can better imagine how you would live in that space.

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