Stylish Decorating Solutions for Small Spaces

decorating solutions for small spaces

Space is the ultimate frontier. Who doesn’t want more of it? I’ve lived in Japan where space is at a premium, as well as in tiny dorm rooms, and in overpriced, under-spaced NYC apartments so I don’t take a millimetre of free space for granted. And neither should you. Space makes you feel like you have room to grow, so don’t box yourself in, even if it means that you don’t get to put everything you want into a room.


Before you start

If the house is old and damp you’ll want to consider damp proofing. You can find more information on this at Damp Proofing Solutions. Next we will provide you with the best tips for decorating small spaces.


The First Tip

The first design rule of thumb for a small room is to scale your furniture. Personally, I’m not a fan of big, soft, fluffy furniture to begin with. Especially big, soft, fluffy sofas: Sit down in one and you end up getting sucked into it, then the next thing you know you’re totally enveloped in pillows, which is comfy but can put you to sleep in seconds, and I like to try to stay awake most of the day. If you do like big, soft, fluffy furniture, fine — just don’t overstuff a small room with it or you’re not going to have any space to walk around. Try to limit it to one fluffy comfortable chair or maybe just a fluffy ottoman. Or, if it’s a bedroom, keep all the furnishings and the bed itself fairly streamlined and top the bed with a big fluffy comforter and pillows.

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decorating solutions for small spaces

The Furniture

Better yet, get furniture that’s sleek and low to the ground. Also consider having a few pieces on the sidelines — say, tucked away in a corner or pushed up against a wall — that you move to the centre only when you have guests over. Those pieces might be stools for extra seating or even a couple of side tables that nest inside each other and can be pulled out for a cocktail party or the Super Bowl. You’ve got to have somewhere to put the chips, right?


Make space for Entertainment

If you’re creating an entertainment room, also think about housing your electronic equipment in the most streamlined way possible. For instance, in my entertainment room, instead of putting my TV and stereo in a bulky cabinet or armoire, I built low, simple shelving on the wall with some little drawers and narrow shelves for storage and display. It makes the room feel more open, doesn’t take up much floor space, and yet still has a decorative feel.



Probably the most important thing to remember about designing a small space is, keep it simple. Choose a few wonderful things for the room and leave it at that. Think quality, not quantity when it comes to decorating solutions for small spaces.

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