Squeeze A Home Office Into A Small Space

Squeeze A Home Office Into A Small Space

We don’t always have the luxury to leave all our work at the workplace. More than often we need to take our work home with us in order to finish it on time. Some of us work from home, whether it is creative work or work on a computer and you need a place where you can sit and get your job done. It is not a problem when you have enough space to set up a home office. But what when you have small space and “full house”? No matter how impossible this task may seem, it is not impossible. There are unused spaces you never thought about that can serve to your purpose. Here’s how you can Successfully Squeeze A Home Office Into A Small Space.

Finding space

Your work is very important to you and you need a proper space where you can do it. You can put up your office against an unused wall in the living room or in an unused corner in your kitchen or under the stairs, or in an unused closet. There are many places in your home that you can use to set up your home office. Consider the illumination sources, as natural light is the best, but if it is not possible, good sources of artificial light will do the job for you. Go through your home and see where some unused spaces that can be used for your purposes are. Visualise how your working space should look, e.g. if you need more storage space for papers and files, do you need space for a desktop computer, do you need space for a laptop, books, other materials and that will give you a good perspective on how much space your home office should take.

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Use the space with the right furniture

Above all, small spaces require usefulness and you need to be practical about it. If you need storage space for your papers, files and books, build shelves that will be above your desk. To use the space even more, require cardboard boxes in different colours and put your papers in them. These boxes can be stored on shelves and under your desk as well. If you need a desk that will hold you just your laptop, you can make a foldable table that can be folded after use. Measure your space and get your desk according to it. Small desks can be bought readymade or can be hand made by order, it is up to you. But if you need a working space that is always available for you, don’t go for a foldable table. If you want to hide your home office from view when you are not using it, the best way is to use Screenflex dividers which can hide your home office from the view of others and it will still be ready for use whenever you need it. A comfortable chair is another necessity. It should be comfortable enough so you can sit on it for longer periods and back support should be considerable. You will spend much time sitting there, so be sure it is comfortable enough not to make you any problems.


Your working space should have such an atmosphere where you can spend much time and feel comfortable and productive and good about your work. As your workspace at your office has your personal touch, your home office should have more of it. Choose your favourite colours to paint the wall your home office is facing. Hang some family photographs and pictures on the wall. Put flowerpots with your favourite greenery. Don’t overdo it. Overcrowded spaces tend to take away your attention and you don’t want that. If you are using your desktop computer, you will have lots of cables that need to be hidden and put away from plain view. You don’t want to stumble on them all the time. Source of light should be put so it illuminates your work and not other things. Remember, it is a working space, and although you want to make it as comfortable as possible, you want it to have a working atmosphere which gives you maximum concentration and will for work.

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Small spaces require some planning and some rearrangements but can be used for a perfect home office that suits your needs the best. Don’t be afraid of small spaces, just remember that your home office doesn’t need to be big but functional and go from there.


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Leila Dorari is a freelance writer from Sydney. She is passionate about home optimisation and renovation and living better lives by nurturing our surroundings. In her free time, you can usually find her hiking with her furry four-legged friend or doing a bit of window shopping.

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