What Are The Current Ultimate Design Features Of A Kitchen?

Ultimate Design Features Of A Kitchen

When you’re designing a kitchen, it’s important to keep current trends in mind. If you want to impress guests and keep family members feeling relaxed every single time they’re cooking or eating, then you should be designing your kitchen with the most up-to-date and effective design features. Here’s a list of things to consider when you’re working on your kitchen in 2019 and through 2020.


  1. Custom furnishings

 No personalised kitchen is truly complete without custom furnishings. If you’re buying store-bought units or not changing your furnishings regularly, you’re simply not allowing your kitchen to stay at pace with your changing personality. There are lots of ways to make sure you’re using the right furnishings. We recommend that you head over to DIY Homefit and check out their great range of custom storage units and other kitchen features.


  1. Islands

 Kitchen islands are rapidly becoming a must-have feature of all modern kitchens. If yours doesn’t have one, you’re missing out. Islands are perfect dining and socialising areas, but they’re also great as food preparation spots and extra worktops if you need them. You can even display ornaments on them to give your kitchen an extra aesthetic appeal. Islands make kitchens easier and more aesthetically engaging, so don’t hesitate to install one if you want to take your kitchen to the next level.


  1. The triangle rule (or not!)

 If you’re not familiar with the triangle design rule, here’s a quick primer. Your sink, refrigerator, and stove should be within easy distance of each other and shouldn’t be obstructed. It’s a simple rule, but it’s proven effective. If you want a seriously cutting-edge kitchen, though, consider breaking the triangle rule. After all, nobody ever got anywhere by steadfastly following rules, right? As long as your kitchen arrangement makes it easy and quick to cook, you can use whatever design setup you like.

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  1. Glass dividers

 Have you ever wanted to sit in the living room but keep a close eye on what’s going on in the kitchen? With glass room dividers, you can do just that. Glass dividers give the impression of an open-plan space while still retaining the necessary distance and space between rooms that a conventional house has. There won’t be any intrusive smells from the kitchen, either; the glass divider will act as a wall as well as a window.


  1. Mood lighting

 This option works especially well if your kitchen is also a dining area. Mood lighting can help you to establish an ambience in your kitchen, which in turn can make meals with family members and friends a lot more pleasurable. Installing dimmer switches and pendant lighting in your kitchen are both very on-trend options for 2019 and beyond, so consider this if you want to establish a distinct ambience for your kitchen. Just make sure it’s well-lit enough for you to see what you’re doing.


  1. Smart kitchens and entertainment

 First of all, there are plenty of kitchen appliances which are now available in smart versions. This means you can connect them to apps on your smartphone and control various parameters without having to press a button on the appliance itself. Smart kitchens are the future, so take a look at your kitchen and see which appliances you could replace (if you’ve got the money). It’s also worth installing a TV or a multi-room audio system in your kitchen to entertain you while you cook.

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  1. Outdoor dining areas

 If you can, it’s a great idea to install some kind of balcony or outdoor patio area that adjoins your kitchen. There’s nothing quite like taking a well-prepared home cooked meal outside on a warm summer’s day and enjoying it with friends. If you don’t mind the cold, there’s also something magical about sitting outside around Halloween with a warming bowl of soup and enjoying the crackle of a fire. An outdoor area is the perfect way to complement your kitchen.


  1. Ceramic tile flooring

 Hardwood floors are very difficult to maintain, as attractive as they are. When food waste or spillages find their way to the floor it can be an absolute nightmare to clean them up. That’s where ceramic flooring comes in. You can make ceramic flooring look like hardwood if you want to, but cleaning problematic spillages is an absolute breeze. You’ll spend less time maintaining your kitchen and more time using it for its original intended purpose.


  1. Good storage solutions

 A good kitchen is nothing without solid storage solutions. If you don’t have somewhere to keep everything you’ll need to become a culinary master, then you’ll frequently find yourself scrabbling around just to locate things and you’ll become frustrated with the whole process. Good kitchens also have good storage solutions, which means plenty of cupboards and shelves, each of which is allocated a specific type of cookware or ingredient to store. Miscellaneous cupboards won’t do you any favours.


  1. Darker colour schemes

 For a long time, the conventional wisdom was that kitchens should be either all-white or lighter in colour scheme. Some still think white kitchens are the way to go, but for others, darker colour schemes are beginning to establish themselves as viable alternatives. Dark brown, mahogany, and even black schemes are great ways to establish a decadent atmosphere in your kitchen and relax the eye, especially if you’ve got a harsh lighting system installed.