Indoor infrared heater, which is the best?

indoor infrared heater - which is best?

For any efficient heating system it’s important that you have the right heating solution for the job. If you’ve recently become aware of infrared heaters, this can be a little confusing. There are near, mid and far infrared heaters. How do you know which is the best indoor infrared heater and which is the best form of heating for you?

As a starting point it’s important to understand how each form of heating works. Infrared is part of the electromagnetic spectrum and each form of infrared heat has a different place on the spectrum. Please see diagram below.

Optimum Infrared Spectrum


Near Infrared

This is visible light infrared (to simplify things) and the heaters operate at a high temperature (often over 300ÂșC) and is therefore suited to spot heating outside or is sometimes used for medical treatment. Most often you will see this type of heater in smoking areas or al-fresco dining areas. Due to the red glow produced by these heaters together with the very high operating temperature these near infrared heaters are generally not a good idea as an indoor infrared heater in a domestic situation.

near infrared heater
An example of a near infrared heater


Mid (medium) Infrared

Think of this as a combination between Near and Far infrared heaters. High operating temperatures but no visible light. This makes this style of infrared heating more flexible and less intrusive and lends itself ideally to al-fresco dining or patio heating. Often this type of heater will be used in conservatories. It is best used as on demand heater, so for spaces where you don’t necessarily want a consistent heat which is perhaps infrequently used.

conservatory heating
An example of a mid (medium) infrared heater


FAR Infrared

Producing no visible light and operating at lower temperatures, Far infrared heaters are best used in situations where a constant and consistent heat is required. The heat produced is gentle and comfortable and importantly very efficient. Perfectly suited as a indoor infrared heater, high quality far infrared heaters have integrated programmable controls and the ability to limit surface temperatures. They are manufactured in a number of different wattages with finishes available in different colours, mirror or unique images. Programming an infrared heater should be simple and set up to operate within a temperature band. This means that the infrared central heating system can be set up, programmed and forgotten about ensuring a consistent and comfortable temperature throughout the home. Far infrared heating is the perfect solution for central heating in the home.

indoor infrared heater
An example of a Far infrared heater


Efficiency and comfort depends on a number of things:

Ensuring that you tick off all of these elements will mean you have the ideal heating solution for your unique circumstances.

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