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Ratings & Reviews

“Nice heat”

I am delighted with these panels, they provide a nice heat and the rooms feels much warmer.

“Our 3 dogs love it too!”

I regularly find our 3 dogs lying under the panels enjoying the heat.

Ratings & Reviews

“Relaxed warm”

Oooo, so warm! The living room isn’t just warm, it’s a relaxed warm!

“Easy to install”

Easy to install & set up. Heat output is impressive!

Ratings & Reviews

“Really pleased”

…really pleased with our heaters from Funkyheat. They look great and work really well… Great work. Thank you Funkyheat!


“Sleek and stylish”

Sleek and very stylish looking on the walls, easy to operate.

“Loads of admirers”

Looks great, works great, loads of compliments from admirers. Great customer service.

Ratings & Reviews

“Mist free”

Love our bathroom mirror – always toasty in the bathroom now, mist free.

“A proper mirror”

This is a proper mirror (not a sticker) and a heater! It heats the bathroom perfectly, the mirror doesn’t mist. What’s not to like! Great quality, great price.

“Extremely stylish”

…extremely stylish. Very impressed and would definitely recommend or fit again.

“Looks cool, does a great job”

Love my Funky heater for lots of reasons. It looks cool and does a great job. Also the dogs love lying on the rug underneath it.


Great product, great price, great customer service.

“The best!”

BEST HEATER EVER! Its paid for itself twice over in a year!

“Saves a lot of money”

Great heater, saves a lot of money. Cheap to run and easy to use!

How Do Infrared Heaters Save Money


we are thrilled, my niece has also purchased some for her new hair salon

statement piece infrared heating

“A real statement piece”

A real statement piece! Love my bespoke heater. Friends take ages to notice it’s more than an artwork. Boy is it efficient! Really delighted!

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