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Colour Glass Infrared Heaters
Colour Glass Infrared Heaters



Inspired by the robust yet elegant lines of Roman architecture, our Deva range of slimline glass infrared heater is available in a beautiful range of colour, from trendy Moka through to a stunning mirror finish.

Each heater is individually manufactured ensuring premium quality to enhance and add to the interior decoration of your home or office. Designed with gently rounded corners and beautiful minimalist lines and edges, the Deva range of infrared heaters will provide you with an understated elegance and a deliciously comfortable heat.

Available in a range of wattages to suit the space you want to heat (please use our calculator to indicate the wattage of heater you require) each slimline glass infrared heater extends only 3cm from the wall enhancing that stylish and sophisticated interior design.

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Power Dimensions Weight
400W 600mm x 900mm 11.0kg
400W 300mm x 1200mm 8.0kg
400W 300mm x 1800mm 11.0kg
400W 450mm x 750mm 8.0kg
800W 600mm x 1200mm 15.0kg
800W 900mm x 1200mm 22.0kg
1000W 750mm x 1100mm 17kg
1200W 600mm x 1800mm 22kg

DevaWe have a selection of videos as well as installation instructions… all you need to do is read, watch, listen and learn.

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Our heaters are hand made with premium products, this means they take a little time to reach you. We promise that they’re worth the wait! Please allow up to 10 days for stock finishes and 21 days for the bespoke, own image or specific RAL colour. Often you’ll be opening the box much sooner.

From: £595.00

From: £595.00
Select a Standard Finish Anthracite Grey Crisp White Cool White Cool White Crisp White Misty White Deep Black Oyster White Light Blue Zen Grey Misty White Anthracite Grey Moka Deep Black Oyster White Moka Petrol Green Light Blue Zen Grey Petrol Green Mirror Mirror Choose from available colours
Select a Wattage 200W 400W Heating area up to 16m³ 800W Heating area up to 32m³ 1000W Heating area up to 40m³ 1200W Choose a power outage to suit your heating requirement.
Size 300mm x 1200mm 300mm x 1800mm 300mm x 600mm 450mm x 750mm 600mm x 1200mm 600mm x 1800mm 600mm x 900mm 750mm x 1200mm
Corner Shape Radius Corner Square Corner
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