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What is infrared?

Infrared or IR (for short) is a form of electromagnetic radiation with a lower frequency than visible light.

How does Infrared heat work?

Infrared heat works in exactly the same way that we feel heat from the sun.

Infrared waves only produce heat when they touch a surface such as a wall, an object or our bodies. When the waves touch such a surface the warmth is either absorbed (and then gently released by that object) or reflected to another object where it can be absorbed.

Funkyheat’s infrared heating panels are plugged in to your electricity supply. They then efficiently convert electrical energy into far infrared heat waves. The heat is directed through the glass surface on the front of the heater.

Infrared heat is also used in saunas, to remove ice from aeroplane wings, and as a form of heat therapy.

Is Infrared heating dangerous?

No! Infrared heating is completely safe. There is an incorrect belief that all types of radiation are dangerous. For example sunlight is one of the most common forms of radiation. The only danger from Infrared heat is the same as for any type of heating – don’t stand too close! Our touchscreen model has a feature whereby the panel surface temperature can be limited – perfect if you have children or vulnerable people in the house.

In many ways Infrared heat is less dangerous for you than other heating systems. With many traditional convection based heaters air circulates, stirring up dust particles which can affect allergy sufferers. They can also be noisy and sometimes a little smelly! They can also cause condensation and damp. Because infrared heat acts directly, condensation is not an issue and dust particles are not disturbed. Funkyheat’s infrared heaters are also noise and odour free.

How do you install Infrared heaters?

Installing Funkyheat’s infrared heating panels is relatively straightforward. Head on over to product support and you will find a nice graphic explaining, there is also a video in the video section of the site.

How much does Funkyheat cost?

Our infrared heaters come in a range of models and styles starting from £195 All our prices include the wall mounting kit, VAT and mainland UK delivery!

How much does Funkyheat cost to run?

Good question! It really depends on many factors unique to your location. What we can say is that infrared heating is FAR more efficient than convection heat.

Cost comparison of using Funkyheat infrared heating against cost of gas or electric

Which Funkyheat panel is right for me?

It really depends on your tastes and budget. There’s a wide range of models and styles available. Browse the range, if there’s too much choice for you to handle, please get in touch and we’ll see if we can help.

What different models are available?

There are 2 different ranges, Minimalist Glass and ECO Aluminium in a wide range of colours and finishes.

How do i design my own heating panel?

If you want to design your own heater the main thing you need to do is choose what image you want to use. The option of a bespoke heater is available in the touchscreen range. You can browse Funkyheat’s pinterest boards for inspiration. Once you have decided you will need to send us the image you want to use and it needs to be good quality (at least 150dpi).

Is Funkyheat safe for bathrooms?

Yes it is, however there are certain limitations about where it can be installed in your bathroom. Our heaters are suitable for use in Zone 2, please contact us so that we can discuss this with you in more detail.

Why is Infrared heating better than traditional heating systems?

There are a wide number of reasons why Funkyheat is better than traditional systems. See this page for all the advantages of our infrared heaters.

How do the Funkyheat thermostats work?

Wirelessly and intelligently. Powered via battery, the thermostats have a large liquid crystal display with a backlight option. Simple or enhanced functionality enabling the choice of controlling just like a standard thermostat, or numerous different heating options for time / day scheduling. Simple on / off temperature regulation, or pid thermostatic control may be used. Each thermostat is capable of controlling up to ten heating panels, meaning that you can efficiently zone the space you want to heat in small or larger zones. Ultimate flexibility.

Has Funkyheat been tested to meet safety regulations?

YES, absolutely! Visit the product support section, you will find the product manuals with the full details. Our glass heaters have been fully tested and certified in the UK to the following standards:

  • EN 60335-1:2012 / EN60335-2-30 (Safety of Electrical Appliances)
  • EN55014 1 + 2 / EN61003-2 / EN61003-3 (EMC)
  • EN50366:2003+A1 (EMF)
  • EN60529-1992 + A2 (IP44 rating)
  • RoHS
  • CE Certified

Is FunkyHeat Weee registered?

Yes we are, you can find out more about the Weee scheme for the recycling of electric products here.

Are Funkyheat’s products RoHS compliant?

Yes all of our products are RoHS compliant. You can find out more about what that means here.

What are the product warranties?

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